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COMAGRAV ZONDA are entry-level 3D CNC routers. Our microstepped technology keeps affordable price for you in this size of tables. Spindle power up to 5.6 KW. To keep precision of movement and long lifetime, backlash-free planetary gearboxes are installed. Sophisticated 3D scanning devices also available.

COMAGRAV ZONDA family machines works mainly in sign fabrication, woodworking and plastic fabrication.

Working sizes from 1550x1500mm to 2040x3150mm.

COMAGRAV ZONDA Technical specifications

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Technical parameters

Working area

COMAGRAV ZONDA 1515 1550 x 1500 mm
COMAGRAV ZONDA 1526 1550 x 2600 mm
COMAGRAV ZONDA 1530 1550 x 3150 mm
2040 x 3150 mm


Z axis shifting 175 mm
Z axis clearance under gantry 140 mm
maximum feedrate 250 mm/s (15000 mm/min)
resolution 0,01 mm
spindle power up to 5600 Watt
spindle speed
24.000 RPM
controller PILOT 3D controller via TCP/IP

Standard equipment

automatic Z axis sensor
emergency STOP buttons
double driven X axis
precise aluminium T-slot working table with clamps
3D routing software Delcam ArtCAM Express 2015R2 with dongle


spray cooling system (PROFI or standard)
working table for high pressure vacuum and high pressure oil-free vacuum pump
dust collector
3D laser scanning probe
mechanical scanning probe
camera system for cutting prints with registration marks
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COMAGRAV ZONDA Product information

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COMAGRAV ZONDA are industrial CNC routers for professional work. With different working table sizes, customer can choose the best machine for his type of production and available space. Use of stepping motors has no negative affect to features provided by all COMAGRAV systems, but it positively affects the final price. We offer various spindles for professional work and scanning devices. COMAGRAV ZONDA works in many industrial fields from prototyping and modelmaking labs, through custom sign fabrication, up to challenging three-shift workshops with serial production.

COMAGRAV ZONDA is suitable for routing, engraving, milling and 3D modelling
in signmaking to engrave large formats of brass and aluminium plates, flexible engraving stock or acrylic
in metalworking to create front machine panels, mechanical components, shaping aluminium sheets, etc.
in plastic fabrication to mill 3D shapes, molds, cutting of plastic sheets,
in modelmaking to cut plastic, wood, mill 3D shapes and reliefs.

The construction is characterized by rigid steel frame and lightweight aluminium gantry. The positioning is made by microstepped stepping motors mounted with high precision planetary gearboxes on rack and pinion drive system. Planetary gearboxes are very rare in this price segment and ensures high precision during whole lifetime of COMAGRAV ZONDA without maintenance. Z axis is moved by ballscrew which gives the best results.

There are different working tables to choose from.
-    aluminium T-slot worktable is an all-rounder.
-    high pressure vacuum worktable is the best for custom jobs like cutting sheets and mass production. We suggest correct power of vacuum pump for each customer when he shares with us his production plans.


-    3-axis machine for routing and engraving
-    rigid steel construction, aluminium gantry
-    linear ball-bearings, rack and pinion drive system with high precision planetary gearboxes
-    ballscrew in Z axis
-    high power stepping motors

-    phenolic working table for high pressure vacuum holddown
-    aluminium T-slot working table with clamps

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