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COMAGRAV MT Profi are desktop 3D systems for engraving, prototyping and 3D scanning. Successfully used in many workshops and labs. They are available in 2 sizes of working table. It combines lightness of aluminium construction with high stiffness in compact size. There are various professional spindles to install with power up to 0,7 hp.

Working sizes from 320x215mm to 640x420mm.

COMAGRAV MT Profi CNC engraver

COMAGRAV MT Profi Technical specifications

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Technical parameters

Working area

320 x 215 mm
640 x 420 mm

Z axis shifting
95 mm, optionally 220 mm
space under gantry
180 mm, optionally 300 mm
working feedrates
0,1 - 50 mm/s (3000 mm/min)
resolution 0,003125 mm
spindle power
up to 730 Watt
control system
PILOT 3D controller
weight 38-70 kg
standard equipment
routing and engraving software Delcam ArtCAM Express
precise aluminium "T" slot table with 4 clamps
automatic Z axis sensor
emergency STOP button
optional equipment
2.5D and 3D Engraving and routing software
Spray cooling system
Phenolic high pressure vacuum table with vacuum pump
Dust collector
3D mechanical scanning probe
3D laser scanning probe

Camera recognition system

Rotary adapter for A axis

Diamond tool with spring
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COMAGRAV MT Profi Product information

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COMAGRAV MT Profi is commonly used as first engraving machine for beginners, but also purchased by professionals for production of stamps, 3D models and engravings. COMAGRAV MT Profi works very good as scanning platform with Optimet laser scanner. For modelling purposes, there is higher Z axis version available. Now this popular engraving machine comes also with large worktable - 640 x 420 mm!

COMAGRAV MT Profi is equipment for engraving, modelling, marking and cutting. It is intended to be used>
in signmaking to create stamps (brass, aluminium, magnesium, soft steel), plates of brass, aluminium, flexible engraving stock, acrylic, plexiglass, for production of sign systems, marking trophies, nameplates;
in industry to create paper help front panels, machine panels, mechanical components, molds, dies, printed circuit boards, etc.; in jewellery to prepare dies, molds, buttons, or scratch almost every material with a diamond dragger (stainless steel, glass), rings, necklaces, etc.
for marking items as quiet marking machine - you can use rotary engraving cutter or diamond to mark any product
in advertising industry for engraving on cylindrical surfaces, engrave pens, bottles, glass with optional dividing head (A-axis).

- 3-axis engraving machine tool
- strong mechanical construction with moving table and fixed gantry made of HP profile
- suitable for very precise processing
- linear ball-bearing
- ballscrews in all axis
- high power stepping motors

COMAGRAV_MTProfiXL_web.jpg (86221 bytes)
COMAGRAV MT Profi XL with dividing head and spray cooling

COMAGRAV_MTProfi3D.jpg (61808 bytes)
COMAGRAV MT Profi engraving of 3D brass mold

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